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I just read a very enlightening article giving twenty-five ways in which to fuck up your characters.  My second sentence in this post was going to be:  I like fucking my characters.

But that just sounded weird. (more…)

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Well now – in my last post I alluded to the penetrative nature of vampires.  I find it a curious thing that we don’t mind (ahem, enormously enjoy) reading about them biting humans, each other, stray animals, random fence posts (okay I made that last one up).

The fact is, it’s not only a metaphor for erotic penetration, but in some cases becomes intrinsically linked to the act.  The best authors (JR Ward, Kresley Cole – yeah I’m a fan) make it sound both sensual and delicious and often the precursor or culmination to some pretty damn good sex. (more…)

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What better way to inspire myself than to create a new category on my blog?  ‘Cause there’s only so much I can talk about sensuality, love and paranormal creatures.  Or writing for that matter (though I suspect a rant or two may slip into this category).

And dear God (or deity of your choice), I’ve promised myself I’ll write four blog entries a month.  Naturally I’ve not done anything and it’s the end of March.  This is following the great (and I believe worldwide) tradition of ‘Leaving Things ’til the Last Minute’. (more…)

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How do you write a good sex scene?  I mean one that doesn’t leave the reader cringing in embarrassment or laughing so hard they terrify the cat and lose control of their bladder.

We want burning eroticism people – not hysteria! (more…)

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