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There was a rumour going around on the writer’s email loop I belong to that our various muses had left.  We decided they were, in fact, in Barbados (don’t ask me why) having a damn good time without us.

Funnily enough – a book I was expecting from The Book Depository was sent to Barbados by accident (again, don’t ask me why).  This leads me to the conclusion that not only is my muse definitely in Barbados, (having a damn good time without me) but has also decided that a little light reading wouldn’t go astray. (more…)

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Violence and romance just don’t mix.  (Disbelieving snort).  Of COURSE they do!  I’m sure the sceptics amongst you are pondering this question.  Until you remember all the romantic tales that involve violence.  Ah…hello!  Romeo and Juliet anybody?

I’ve been thinking about this one… Why does a story carry so much more emotional punch if there’s a fair bit of violence involved?  And I mean where the violence is not necessarily linked to one particular romantic relationship either. (more…)

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Well now – in my last post I alluded to the penetrative nature of vampires.  I find it a curious thing that we don’t mind (ahem, enormously enjoy) reading about them biting humans, each other, stray animals, random fence posts (okay I made that last one up).

The fact is, it’s not only a metaphor for erotic penetration, but in some cases becomes intrinsically linked to the act.  The best authors (JR Ward, Kresley Cole – yeah I’m a fan) make it sound both sensual and delicious and often the precursor or culmination to some pretty damn good sex. (more…)

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A while ago I mentioned an ms (manuscript) I was writing about vampires.  At the time it was the bane of my existence as the hero didn’t like the heroine and the best friend had the hots for her instead.

After having a tiny moment (1 hour) of screaming, swearing, denial and lying in a ball sobbing, I succumbed to the reality that I’d have to change the hero.  But that was just the start on this 130 k behemoth, I mean, manuscript.

So my vampires got shelved and I started a new story. (more…)

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