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Eroticism – what is it?  And where does it tie into sensuality – where is the indefinable border that separates the two?

Apparently eroticism has to do with possessing sexually; while sensuality on the other hand, seems fixed in people’s ideology as being more to do with romantic love.

Personally I’ve always considered eroticism to have more depth than just being about having sex. (more…)

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My latest villain is a demon and he’s up to no damn good!  And my heroine knows it – though the ‘big revelation’ of his dastardly plans hasn’t come up yet.

In fact, she’s only just met him – but I’m already having trouble getting her to believe his ‘cover’.  (This demon would be no good in the FBI). (more…)

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Epic Speed

Sometimes when you start to write a story you think it’s going to be short and sweet – but without realising it – the piece turns into an epic.  Suddenly you have the rising music and the sweeping story line, not to mention the secondary characters who start to demand their own tale be told.

As I mentioned in the last post, I’m currently writing about an angel. (more…)

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Am I a vampire, werewolf or angel this week?  Writing three books simultaneously can lead to that sort of existential confusion, but it sure beats the dreaded writer’s block!  And who doesn’t occasionally wonder what it would be like to be a paranormal creature?

To be entirely truthful, I’m editing one story, expanding a second and starting a third – because why not pile more on my already heaped writing platter?

Getting into the groove of a particular wip can be difficult – especially when you hit the wall creatively. (more…)

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