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I was talking to a friend today about my big love scene – you know, the one I’ve been struggling with?  And as is the way of conversation, we drifted from the main point (my struggles with my difficult hero) into our experiences and views of love scenes – both filmic and literary.

We discussed what is sexy and what isn’t and agreed very quickly that sensuality is often skimmed over by writers in a quick spurt to get to the sex scene, therefore robbing the reader of the wonderful build up of sensual tension and ultimately, sometimes the desire to reach fulfillment – by reading the rest of the book. (more…)

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I’ve often thought about immortality (who hasn’t?) and what you’d do with yourself.  Weighing up the pros and cons – particularly when I’m writing about vampires and I’m finding time in short supply.  All that power, speed, magical ability (depending on who you read) would make getting things done every day so much easier.

Day…there’s the rub.  Vampires don’t have it easy – they can traditionally only come out at night, which means they’ve only technically got half a day (night) to get things done.  We humans have every hour we so desire; we’re not constrained by the terrible sun. (more…)

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Why is Mr Darcy so attractive?  And I’m not just talking about Colin Firth in a wet shirt.  I mean, what is it about him (Darcy) that is so compelling?  And why do vampires have the same magnetic allure?  I’ve been giving this some thought (mainly this morning at around 2am – which is always a good time for thinking about sexy, aloof heroes).

I have come to the conclusion that it is two things: (more…)

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So little sleeep – yes that’s my excuse for not prodding my vampire hero into action this morning.  That and I fear that he might just not be that good in bed…

This character has turned out to be sweet, caring, hot, intelligent, but just not bad.  I don’t mean BAD bad just, you know, naughty enough to be really fascinating.  And he won’t be wicked, no matter what I throw at him.   No, he handles it calmly and determinedly sticks to being honourable (and not even in a dark brooding way like Mr Darcy). (more…)

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Hello and welcome,

I’m a writer currently embroiled in my first book, which turned out to be (yes I am cringing) a paranormal romance. Which is ironic really as I dislike the ‘Twilight’ series intensely (like watching a car accident; you know it’s going to be horrific, but you can’t look away.)

Cursed with writer’s block, I finally started a blog.  I’ve been putting it off for months with various lame excuses: (more…)

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