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I’m learning to let go today – to stop being a control freak.  After a year of forcing my vampire hero to do what he’s told, with a heroine who patently doesn’t interest him, I’m giving up and finally letting his friend take over the lead role.  After all, my hero’s friend has been trying to get into my heroine’s heart (and bed) for most of the book, and has pretty nearly succeeded on at least two occasions.  He has done his best to seduce and romance her, rescue her and befriend her and she is trying not to succumb.  Now I need to let her. (more…)


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When you’re writing romance, there’s always the juxtaposition of the emotional relationship with the hot sex (anything less is just sickly).

So, is it the rising music or is it something more potent rising that needs the focus?  Can you have the two of them together without canceling each other out? (more…)

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Yes…it’s long, huge, thick and damn hard to get myself around.

No.  I’m not talking about what came instantly in to your insatiable little minds.  The idea of something lascivious instantly sprang up – pardon the pun – didn’t it? (more…)

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In the relatively short time I’ve been writing Paranormal Romance, I’ve discovered that a great deal of decision making goes into the genre.

Apart from choosing your supernatural hero/heroine, forming a story line/other characters; you also have to create a world for them to live in.  In other words, apart from the drinking of the blood and the ‘turning’  during the full moon, the hot sex, the long teeth and claws, the hot sex, the fur and wings and the hot sex… (more…)

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