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Am I the only one who finds odd moments in movies sensual?  Maybe it’s not the right word to use, but I need to keep up with my blog posts and today I’m in my sensuality folder so I’ll write and be damned.

Then again, I can’t think of another word I’d use for those moments, except perhaps frisson.  I’ve often noted that a scene, whether it’s in a book or a movie, doesn’t have to be overtly sexual in order to still carry an erotic nuance.

Sometimes, people going at it, with the heavy breathing and the thrashing and the nipple shots etc. isn’t all that sexy.  Whereas, I was caught by surprise when watching the King and I (the Deborah Kerr/Yul Brynner version) by a scene which struck me as particularly sensual.  It’s where Anna is teaching the King to dance and he grasps her in a proper waltz hold while telling her this is how he saw the Europeans do it.  Swoon…

Another was in Aliens (which I watched again last night).  The scene where Hicks is showing Ripley how to use an assault rifle is overlaid with a wonderful awareness and sensual tension – blink and you’d miss it, but it’s there.

Raising your eyebrows in disbelief?  Get your sexy on and watch these movies – it’s often the most subtle things that are amazingly sensual.

After all – chocolate doesn’t explode in your mouth like a salt and vinegar chip (crisp).  No, it slides sinfully, lusciously over your tongue, coating it in velvety sweetness.

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I just read a very enlightening article giving twenty-five ways in which to fuck up your characters.  My second sentence in this post was going to be:  I like fucking my characters.

But that just sounded weird. (more…)

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Why is smell so important in romance novels?  Have you noticed how much scent is involved in the average romance?  But even more interesting than this, is the amount you find in paranormal romance.  Everyone seems to be smelling everyone else in HD.

Is it because vampires, werewolves et al have a keener sense of smell?  Or being supernatural, otherworldly type creatures, are they meant to smell preternaturally more than the average human male/female?  (Who in my experience wear those terrible deodorants that double as aftershave/perfume erghh).

I have a theory. (more…)

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Well now – in my last post I alluded to the penetrative nature of vampires.  I find it a curious thing that we don’t mind (ahem, enormously enjoy) reading about them biting humans, each other, stray animals, random fence posts (okay I made that last one up).

The fact is, it’s not only a metaphor for erotic penetration, but in some cases becomes intrinsically linked to the act.  The best authors (JR Ward, Kresley Cole – yeah I’m a fan) make it sound both sensual and delicious and often the precursor or culmination to some pretty damn good sex. (more…)

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How do you write a good sex scene?  I mean one that doesn’t leave the reader cringing in embarrassment or laughing so hard they terrify the cat and lose control of their bladder.

We want burning eroticism people – not hysteria! (more…)

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Despite the title, I prefer Glocks for my heroes.   A big broadsword never goes amiss and you can’t beat the old bow and arrow for a good clean kill.

What’s this got to do with sensuality? (more…)

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Eroticism – what is it?  And where does it tie into sensuality – where is the indefinable border that separates the two?

Apparently eroticism has to do with possessing sexually; while sensuality on the other hand, seems fixed in people’s ideology as being more to do with romantic love.

Personally I’ve always considered eroticism to have more depth than just being about having sex. (more…)

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Yes…it’s long, huge, thick and damn hard to get myself around.

No.  I’m not talking about what came instantly in to your insatiable little minds.  The idea of something lascivious instantly sprang up – pardon the pun – didn’t it? (more…)

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