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I was invited, quite some time ago, but the estimable Liana of Crummy Novels, (http://crummynovels.wordpress.com) to join her on Google +, the answer to those fed up with the time sink that is FB.

Being generally slack, and on the run from giant gerbils from the Andromeda Galaxy, I did not immediately take up her generous offer.

Getting back to the 20 million emails in my inbox, I saw that quite a number of people were having extremely vexatious problems with FB.

Being a homo sapien who finds social media a wee bit overrated (who really cares about the fact Kelly has acquired a new set of fake nails!!! and is just so hungover!!! but is enjoying the new ‘find your soulmate puppy’ app!!!)I was wary.   There are so many social platforms to choose from – was I picking the correct one with which to launch my writerly genius on an unsuspecting public?

FB is, as I may have mentioned, a way in which to waste time without quite realising it.  I’ve not got into Twitter for I am far too verbose to get a message across in such a limited word count and would end

up cutting it off and having to post another tweet just to finish

what I was saying.

So I was circling Google circles warily, much like a mouse would a piece of cheese suspiciously left on a metal plate mounted on a wooden platform.

Feeling like the only person on the planet (apart from Ms Liana) who had heard of Google + (and feeling rather smug at being ahead on new things for a change), I was rather startled to discover that any number of my writerly friends, possibly having got the shits with FB, have joined and starting circling on the Google.

Discovering that I will not be a Nigel with only one Google friend – I have decided to dip my toe back into the foetid waters of the social media wave and circle like a shark in a feeding frenzy.

Or maybe just a guppy with only one pectoral fin.

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Okay, I have to admit it here and now – the whole genre/sub-genre/classification thing, that seems to predominate the romance sector of the literary world, is confusing me.

I thought I wrote romance.  Then I found out that what I write is termed ‘paranormal romance’ (cause I generally write about a variety of creatures you won’t find down the back of the couch).  Okay, seems simple enough you say (I hope you’re saying that or I’m going to look like a right idiot).

Yes it is simple.  However… here is just some of the rest of the menu: single title, category, erotica (which is not the same as erotic, which is different from sexy), contemporary, romantic suspense, romance with paranormal elements, paranormal with romantic elements, sci-fi with romantic elements, romance with fantasy elements or you can have a paranormal romantic sci-fi fantasy with other elements (possibly a small iguana named Ignatio).

I’ve had to ask (quietly, with much embarrassment) exactly what people were talking about when they’d mention something.  For e.g. I thought YA was something to do with a Village People revival (and being the abbreviation generation the middle two letters had been cut).  Steampunk completely confounded me – did it have something to do with an industrial laundry run by punks?  Single title – well, wouldn’t a book only have one title?  Did we have to give our work two?  Why hadn’t I heard of this?  What the heck is contemporary as opposed to urban – and can you have both?

Now I have a handy printout so that when someone mentions they’re writing an ST contemporary romance with paranormal elements aimed at the YA market, I actually know what they mean.

And, after much deliberation, I do believe I may be writing an erotic paranormal action romance with human elements.

Otherwise known as a book.

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Editing.   A writer’s worst nightmare.   Actually I don’t mind editing.  I like the opportunity to fix embarrassing spelling errors, make sure my characters don’t randomly wander off, or have sex with the wrong person (unless I say so) and generally make sure my story makes some sort of cohesive sense. (more…)

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I’ve written before on this blog about secondary characters taking over.  The first time it happened wasn’t so bad, as the hero and heroine weren’t interested in each other.

So I was rather grateful for my secondary character to step into the role of hero.  He’d been trying to take over the story anyway, so it was a simple case of substitution.  With the added bonus that my former hero suddenly emerged as a far more interesting character. (more…)

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A while ago a tale consisting of ‘purple prose’ made its way onto my paranormal romance writing email loop (try saying that fast after a few drinks) and has since appeared on Liana’s blog: http://crummynovels.wordpress.com/2011/03/31/semen-at-sea/

The author of Semen at Sea – Katalina Leon, did such a wonderful job of writing this excellent example; I left a comment suggesting she try her hand at more wet and salty adventures. Or perhaps even a period cod-piece. (more…)

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What we consider romantic ideals are sometimes the strangest things.  I’ve often been struck by something I’ve thought particularly romantic, which has occurred in the middle of a story that is not romantic at all.  Then there are the stories and movies which are considered romantic and which have left me wondering why.

Take Gone with the Wind for example. (more…)

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Why is smell so important in romance novels?  Have you noticed how much scent is involved in the average romance?  But even more interesting than this, is the amount you find in paranormal romance.  Everyone seems to be smelling everyone else in HD.

Is it because vampires, werewolves et al have a keener sense of smell?  Or being supernatural, otherworldly type creatures, are they meant to smell preternaturally more than the average human male/female?  (Who in my experience wear those terrible deodorants that double as aftershave/perfume erghh).

I have a theory. (more…)

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Okay – I’m gonna have a mini rant.  About mistakes in blogs, articles, comments, websites and books.  I don’t mean littlies either.  I mean whoppers.  Like putting ‘completely’ when it should have been ‘complete’.  Come on people – that’s two extra letters and a whole other world of meaning!

What really takes my chocolate layer cake is when it’s authors making these mistakes.  Constantly.  After all – we should know better.  And there are some doozies on author websites – ahem – you’re meant to know how to spell. (more…)

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