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How do you write a good sex scene?  I mean one that doesn’t leave the reader cringing in embarrassment or laughing so hard they terrify the cat and lose control of their bladder.

We want burning eroticism people – not hysteria! (more…)

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What makes romance romantic?  Can practicality be romantic… washing the dog, making the dinner, taking those screaming monsters you call children to school?

Or put another way… is good old down to earth lemon tart rather than chocolate and champagne, the food of love? (more…)

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I have a problem.  A well documented glitch that I encounter regularly.  One my fabulous critique partner checks me on constantly (and sadly I’ve had to help her through this awful snag).

It’s the takeover of the secondary character.

Your eyebrows are raised in surprise, I know.  But it’s true.  Secondary character takeover is a well known phenomenon amongst authors around the globe. (more…)

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Despite the title, I prefer Glocks for my heroes.   A big broadsword never goes amiss and you can’t beat the old bow and arrow for a good clean kill.

What’s this got to do with sensuality? (more…)

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