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Okay, I have to admit it here and now – the whole genre/sub-genre/classification thing, that seems to predominate the romance sector of the literary world, is confusing me.

I thought I wrote romance.  Then I found out that what I write is termed ‘paranormal romance’ (cause I generally write about a variety of creatures you won’t find down the back of the couch).  Okay, seems simple enough you say (I hope you’re saying that or I’m going to look like a right idiot).

Yes it is simple.  However… here is just some of the rest of the menu: single title, category, erotica (which is not the same as erotic, which is different from sexy), contemporary, romantic suspense, romance with paranormal elements, paranormal with romantic elements, sci-fi with romantic elements, romance with fantasy elements or you can have a paranormal romantic sci-fi fantasy with other elements (possibly a small iguana named Ignatio).

I’ve had to ask (quietly, with much embarrassment) exactly what people were talking about when they’d mention something.  For e.g. I thought YA was something to do with a Village People revival (and being the abbreviation generation the middle two letters had been cut).  Steampunk completely confounded me – did it have something to do with an industrial laundry run by punks?  Single title – well, wouldn’t a book only have one title?  Did we have to give our work two?  Why hadn’t I heard of this?  What the heck is contemporary as opposed to urban – and can you have both?

Now I have a handy printout so that when someone mentions they’re writing an ST contemporary romance with paranormal elements aimed at the YA market, I actually know what they mean.

And, after much deliberation, I do believe I may be writing an erotic paranormal action romance with human elements.

Otherwise known as a book.

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Seriously!  How do you go from being comfortably ahead of things in your life to running just in front of them, like Indiana Jones from the giant rock ball in whichever one it was.

I was comfortably ahead a month or so ago.  (more…)

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What we consider romantic ideals are sometimes the strangest things.  I’ve often been struck by something I’ve thought particularly romantic, which has occurred in the middle of a story that is not romantic at all.  Then there are the stories and movies which are considered romantic and which have left me wondering why.

Take Gone with the Wind for example. (more…)

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Violence and romance just don’t mix.  (Disbelieving snort).  Of COURSE they do!  I’m sure the sceptics amongst you are pondering this question.  Until you remember all the romantic tales that involve violence.  Ah…hello!  Romeo and Juliet anybody?

I’ve been thinking about this one… Why does a story carry so much more emotional punch if there’s a fair bit of violence involved?  And I mean where the violence is not necessarily linked to one particular romantic relationship either. (more…)

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What makes romance romantic?  Can practicality be romantic… washing the dog, making the dinner, taking those screaming monsters you call children to school?

Or put another way… is good old down to earth lemon tart rather than chocolate and champagne, the food of love? (more…)

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My latest villain is a demon and he’s up to no damn good!  And my heroine knows it – though the ‘big revelation’ of his dastardly plans hasn’t come up yet.

In fact, she’s only just met him – but I’m already having trouble getting her to believe his ‘cover’.  (This demon would be no good in the FBI). (more…)

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Heroes and heroines come in different packages; each one as delicious as the next.  But what is it about them and their story that is so fascinating?  Is it just the sex?  No way… it’s the romance.

My friend and I spoke yesterday of our fascination with (more…)

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When you’re writing romance, there’s always the juxtaposition of the emotional relationship with the hot sex (anything less is just sickly).

So, is it the rising music or is it something more potent rising that needs the focus?  Can you have the two of them together without canceling each other out? (more…)

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