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Okay, so it’s confession time.  My paranormal romance email loop (try saying that really quickly after a couple of Grey Goose martinis) had a YouTube link that inadvertently led me to one of my fetishes.

Yes, sadly, I have a thing for the men of Assassin’s Creed*.  Is it the hoods, or the dangerous yet compellingly sexy air, or the deadly weaponry… Or the fact that they’re all imaginary? (more…)

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Muse, inspiration, creative obsession, an inability to shut up – call it what you like.  But whatever gets us up in the morning and producing some form of artistic expression can be damn elusive at times (mostly when we really need it and that is NOT at 3 am in the morning).

In the writing group I belong to we’ve had a rash of missing muses.  It’s like some form of epidemic has struck and no one is immune.  (There is a theory that said muses are possibly in Barbados and having a damn good time without us.) (more…)

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Oh dear – only the second post to my new category and I’m ready for a rant.  What the hell is a cantaloupe?  If I had to hazard a guess, I’d say it’s some form of small deer possibly indigenous to Madagascar.

Which brings me to my rant.  I was told by my CP (critique partner) the other day, that adding ‘u’ and putting ‘she spat the toothpaste out‘ and ‘his clothes fitted him perfectly‘ were NOT ALLOWED in my sentences. (more…)

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What better way to inspire myself than to create a new category on my blog?  ‘Cause there’s only so much I can talk about sensuality, love and paranormal creatures.  Or writing for that matter (though I suspect a rant or two may slip into this category).

And dear God (or deity of your choice), I’ve promised myself I’ll write four blog entries a month.  Naturally I’ve not done anything and it’s the end of March.  This is following the great (and I believe worldwide) tradition of ‘Leaving Things ’til the Last Minute’. (more…)

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