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Well.  I just shot through two very scintillating reads by the fantastically talented Mel Teshco – Stone Cold Lover and Ice-Cold Lover.

I am quite undone.

Mel manages to combine hot steamy sex with plenty of action, a believable relationship, unexpected twists and deep love – in one deliciously compact package. (more…)


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What is romantic?  Is it red roses, strawberries and champagne, diamonds and sunsets?  That’s all a bit idealised isn’t it?

I mean, personally I don’t like red roses, some people are allergic to strawberries and anything but the best champagne tastes a little too close to cat wee.  Diamonds have to be big and who can afford a large chunk of rock? (more…)

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Well, I finally got past my hot, dirty love scene.  There was a moment when I wondered whether my vampire would bite my heroine – but he didn’t.  Apparently he’s just not that kind of bloodsucker.

Truly, I’m a bit disappointed.  After all, the bite from a werewolf, vampire, demon or any other sexy beastie you’d like to add is hot and possessive, erotic and strangely thrilling… and it’s romantic. (more…)

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Isn’t it time to come out of the Romance Closet?  You know, admitting that you read romance novels – perhaps even…(expectant pause)… Mills & Boon!

Gasp, shock, horror!

Yes – even I have been among those, who not so casually stroll amongst the romance shelves in the bookshop or chain store – waiting for the moment when everyone else is busy to indulge our dirty little secret. (more…)

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