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Yep, I’m about to make excuses for being awol from not only this blog, but my other blog and my writing loop.  Just to make things interesting, I shall be giving a variety of excuses for you, dear reader, to choose from.  Just in case one doesn’t gel with your view of things, you can choose one that might.

So here they are, in no particular order:

The dog ate my laptop. A new spin on an old excuse.  (My dog is definitely big enough to do this).

I came down with an illness that did not allow me to use my fingers, legs or brain.  Sadly, it also precluded me from using any sort of household device that involved cleaning.

I was abducted by extremely attractive aliens with a gorgeous sense of humour and a suggestively shaped *wink* space craft.  Oh what fun we had taunting those nitwits from the Andromeda Galaxy.

The CIA entered my home (and remember,  I don’t live in the US so this highlights the importance I have with this agency) and confiscated all electronic devices.  Including the fish tank filter and the toaster(?).

Due to an error on behalf of the Education Department, I was forced to re-attend primary school for a month.  I failed maths, again.

My muse stole my credit card and went on a round-the-world trip (without me).  I’ve been working with Interpol to track that @#$%! down.

And finally: I’ve been on the run from the authorities after an incident involving a gerbil, a sandwich maker and those idiots from the Andromeda Galaxy.

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I just read a very enlightening article giving twenty-five ways in which to fuck up your characters.  My second sentence in this post was going to be:  I like fucking my characters.

But that just sounded weird. (more…)

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Am I a vampire, werewolf or angel this week?  Writing three books simultaneously can lead to that sort of existential confusion, but it sure beats the dreaded writer’s block!  And who doesn’t occasionally wonder what it would be like to be a paranormal creature?

To be entirely truthful, I’m editing one story, expanding a second and starting a third – because why not pile more on my already heaped writing platter?

Getting into the groove of a particular wip can be difficult – especially when you hit the wall creatively. (more…)

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In the relatively short time I’ve been writing Paranormal Romance, I’ve discovered that a great deal of decision making goes into the genre.

Apart from choosing your supernatural hero/heroine, forming a story line/other characters; you also have to create a world for them to live in.  In other words, apart from the drinking of the blood and the ‘turning’  during the full moon, the hot sex, the long teeth and claws, the hot sex, the fur and wings and the hot sex… (more…)

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Well, I finally got past my hot, dirty love scene.  There was a moment when I wondered whether my vampire would bite my heroine – but he didn’t.  Apparently he’s just not that kind of bloodsucker.

Truly, I’m a bit disappointed.  After all, the bite from a werewolf, vampire, demon or any other sexy beastie you’d like to add is hot and possessive, erotic and strangely thrilling… and it’s romantic. (more…)

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